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A criminal conviction can carry serious consequences. These types of offenses can follow a person indefinitely. If you are facing criminal prosecution in Utah, the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney can give you the best chances of raising a successful defense.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Carl Anderson successfully defends people facing criminal charges in Utah. Carl has represented individuals in criminal cases ranging from Misdemeanors to Murder. As a prosecutor for five years, and now a criminal defense attorney for the last four years, Carl has significant experience in any type of criminal case.

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Common Types of Criminal Defense

As a prosecutor for five years, Carl has handled thousands of cases, from simple traffic violations to more serious offenses, such as DUI, theft, assault, murder, drug possession, and sexual assault. Over the last four years as a criminal defense attorney, Carl has added to and enhanced his experience as a prosecutor, handling hundreds of cases from traffic violations to sexual assault, drug possession, manslaughter, and murder.

DUI Defense


DUI Defense General Information

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Many people facing charges of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) simply want their legal problems to go away quickly. Usually, they have never been in trouble with the law before, trust the information given to them by the police and assume an admission of guilt or a quick plea bargain is their best option. But in many such cases, patience pays off. A plea bargain or admission of guilt can leave you with a dark stain on your reputation, a criminal record and lost driving privileges. It might be possible, given the specifics of your case, to build a solid legal defense that eliminates the charges filed against you. If you face a drunk driving charge in Utah, Nebraska or Colorado, contact the Salt Lake City DUI defense lawyers at AMP Law, today.

Violent Crime Defense Overview


Violent Crime General Information

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Our judicial system always tries to levy punishments that match the severity of the crime. For cases involving violent crimes, such as murder or sexual assault, our system imposes the most severe penalties, sometimes including life in prison or, in some states, death. Prior convictions can also have profound consequences on individuals facing charges of violent crime. Parole is often not a consideration in such crimes.

Innocent people go to prison all the time. Faulty witness accounts, mistaken identities, and other errors influence the justice system every day. But if you are arrested on charges of a violent crime, it means the prosecution feels they have a strong enough case against you to win. And the prosecution has resources you do not have.

This is why experienced, professional criminal defense attorneys are important. And the sooner you hire an attorney, the better. Your attorney needs to be able to analyze and evaluate all of the evidence against you. He or she can further investigate your case, present a list of options you may wish to consider and help ensure that law enforcement authorities do not violate your constitutional rights during the process.

Drug Crime Defense Overview


Drug Crime General Information

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Drug charges are different than other types of criminal charges — and for many reasons other than the specific details of the crimes. Prosecutors and police consider drug crimes differently than they do other charges because many people consider drug crimes as precursors to other serious crimes. As a result, there is considerable political pressure on law enforcement to clean up the streets and make examples of individuals charged with drug offenses.

The State of Utah does not consider drug crimes to be harmless offenses, and levies penalties accordingly. Some drug crimes, like possession with intent to distribute controlled substances near a school, are first-degree felonies carrying penalties of five years to life in prison and fines up to $10,000. Even minor drug offenses carry considerable penalties. The lowest misdemeanor class in the state, Class C, includes charges of public intoxication and enforces penalties of up to 90 days in jail and fines up to $750.

Property Crime Defense Overview


Property Crime General Information

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Property crime sounds like a very broad term and with excellent reason. Technically, the phrase encompasses any crime involving property that does not belong to you and includes everything from trespass to arson. And while the seriousness of the penalties tends to escalate with the severity of the offense, any property crime is a criminal matter. As such, property crimes are prosecuted harshly by the state.

Juvenile Criminal Defense


Juvenile Criminal Defense Information

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Many people take juvenile offenses too lightly. We often consider such offenses as simply the mistakes of youth, and assume the penalties for convictions of such crimes are equally insignificant. But the consequences of a juvenile crime conviction can be extremely serious. Such a conviction can lead to loss of driving privileges, jail time or a permanent mark that hampers future opportunities. If a child you love faces a juvenile offense in Utah, Colorado or Nebraska, do not delay.


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